Feedback and photos from plumbing activies

During 2014 the CDAA has been involved in a number of initiatives to raise awareness amongst plumbers and other interested parties (in the water reticulation sector) about the benefits of using copper pipe as a metal of preference in plumbing installations. These workshops included practical sessions on soldering large diameter copper pipe, pitting corrosion and focussed on the skills involved in working with copper pipe.

This section on activities covers two types of activities, public and private enterprise initiatives.

Sept 2014
CDAA HVAC & Solar water heating Workshop – Pretoria

Khensani “What I enjoyed most about the workshop was the information on pitting of copper pipes and the difference in solar collectors”

Brendan “The presentations were interesting, enjoyable; and will definitely add value to future projects”

CDAA Copper in Plumbing 1-Hour Express Workshop – Cape Town

Approximately 55 plumbers from Cape Town and surroundings attended this event. The CDAA shared information regarding the design of large solar water heating systems, thermal conductivity & expansion of copper, and heat exchangers. This presentation also formed part of a regional plumbing association meeting.

John “This was great thanks, we are looking forward to the next workshop to be presented in Cape Town!”

July 2014
1. CDAA Copper Plumbing 1-Day Workshop – Germiston

Ntseki “The information on copper pipes and the practical demonstration was excellent thanks!!”

Louis “Seeing how to join the large diameter copper pipe was the best part of the day for me, excellent thanks!!”

Government Plumber Skills Program

The CDAA was given the opportunity of presenting on the facts, advantages and benefits of copper to group 2 and 6 at the AITF training centre in Kempton Park. A total of 150 students are doing training as plumbers and are training on the full scope of the plumbing trade. The group of 150 students have been divided into three groups of 50 students each and Carel Ballack was given an opportunity of spending the day with the first 50 trainees. The other students will be addressed in upcoming sessions…watch this space for more activities in the plumbing sector.

What some of the students had to say:

Mo “We really learned a lot today, so many topics, it was great!!”

Thlapi “Seems like copper can be used just about everywhere, thank you for an interesting day”

Thabi “Thank you, it was a great learning experience”

Missy “I’ve learnt that copper can kill bacteria and that it is good to use in our country”

Sello “I’ve learnt about copper pipe, how to use it and what to do to increase the life of copper pipe, thank you CDAA”

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