Membership Benefits

Why have an Industry Association?

  • To benefit from collective lobbying and industry interaction with government departments and regulatory bodies.
  • To be part of a strong and united international network to promote and expand industry-based markets worldwide.
  • To develop industry positions to safeguard fair market access for products.
  • To participate in setting priorities for South African and sub-Saharan market promotion.
  • To benefit from, and have access to, strategic alliances worldwide.
  • To improve industry standards and market share through constant interaction and exchange of ideas between Association members.

Benefits of CDAA Membership

  • To get the insider’s view of the potential impact of future SA and world regulations in your business.
  • To benefit from promotional and technical projects supported by the International Copper Association, Ltd (ICA) and local funding.
  • To gain access to the members’ only information on the CDAA website, where vital industry research, and commercial and scientific data, is loaded and updated on an on-going basis.
  • To utilise CDAA industry data in formulating strategies to expand or safeguard your business, and to support your decisions to shareholders, customers, government and other stakeholders.

Additional CDAA Services to its Members

  • Technical support and information on the correct use of copper and copper alloys.
  • Publication of product handbooks.
  • Monthly trade statistics on copper and copper alloy products.
  • Literature surveys on technical aspects of copper and copper alloy applications.

I am interested in becoming a member

We will call you back with specifics on how your company can join the association.