Copper pipe, solar and HVAC – 1 hour express workshop

A Breakdown of topics covered during the one hour express course can be seen below.

This workshop has been developed for plumbers, engineers, architects and interested individuals to provide information on various aspects of Copper used in water reticulation, heating and cooling processes and a basic introduction to pitting in Copper pipes.

Depending on the level of engagement, Q&A during the workshop, the duration of the actual presentation is around 1hr.

  1. Solar water heating (20min)
  2. Heating Ventilation and Cooling HVAC (20min)
  3. Pitting of copper pipes (20min)

Feedback and photos from plumbing activies

During 2014 the CDAA has been involved in a number of initiatives to raise awareness amongst plumbers and other interested parties (in the water reticulation sector) about the benefits of using copper pipe as a metal of preference in plumbing installations. These workshops included practical sessions on soldering large diameter copper pipe, pitting corrosion and focussed on the skills involved in working with copper pipe.

This section on activities covers two types of activities, public and private enterprise initiatives.

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