About the CDAA

The CDAA has represented the local copper industry in southern Africa since 1962, and, on behalf of its members,  is committed to promoting and expanding the use of copper and copper alloys throughout Africa.

Vision for the Copper Industry

Formation of an African copper-based industry cluster that places emphasis on:

  • Expansion and development of an outward-orientated growth industry through co-operation of relevant parties.
  • Maximising economies of scale, wherever possible, through optimal utilisation of existing manufacturing facilities.
  • Forward and backward integration in the total supply chain.
  • Understanding and acknowledging market needs and trends both regionally and internationally, and reacting in the shortest possible time-frame.
  • Visible and focused representation for the local copper-based industry.
  • Optimise downstream added value.

Aims and Objectives

  • Ensuring that the priorities of the Association coincide with the priorities of its members.
  • Create synergy, wherever possible, i.e. assist members in issues where joint action will yield results greater than that of individual members.
  • Convey the message to decision-makers that “Copper is the correct choice” and, in so doing, assist members in achieving their economic goals.
  • We are committed to increasing our membership to allow us to expand our activities into other developing economies in Africa.

Key Functions of the CDA Africa

  • Through effective advertising media, create and maintain an acute awareness of the unique properties of copper and its alloys, its applications and the promotion of the copper-based industry.
  • Represent members on pertinent issues and especially key national issues.
  • Via constant networking with ICA/ECI, provide members with information that may be of value in terms of establishing possible know-how agreements with international market leaders (joint ventures and/or other forms of commercial co-operation).
  • Expand the membership base of the CDA Africa to include the complete spectrum, from primary through to downstream companies and service organisations to grow the industry and increase the use of copper regionally.
  • Assist members to counter the marketing of sub-quality or inferior products that may be detrimental to the copper market’s image.
  • Channel ICA funding into projects that will yield maximum return in the short and long term. Ultimately to ensure the growth of the copper industry on a sustained basis.

Strategic Alliances

A strong focus on building and electrical markets is reinforced by our close associations with the European Copper Institute (ECI) and the International Copper Association, Ltd (ICA). Both the ECI and ICA have demonstrated their ability to use effective media relations to position copper as an excellent material to support the goals of sustainable development.

The CDA Africa can now capitalise on the expertise of more than 75 years in copper promotion in Europe, with technical specialists in all major market sectors.

ICA’s financial support of copper initiatives is an essential element of our operations service.