Leonardo Energy

Offering the electrical sector a vast information sharing and knowledge base service

Leonardo Energy is a global initiative providing sustainable energy professionals with the knowledge to manage the energy transition. It was set up in 2004 as a platform to connect energy technologies, policies and markets.

It aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy economy by advocating progressive energy policies and by providing free education and training tools through:

  • Resource library of white papers, tutorials, good practices, and webinar recordings for well-informed decisions in sustainable energy technology, policy and economics.
  • E-learning programs designed by academic and industry professionals for who wants to dive deeper into the matter or refine their skills.
  • Advice to regulation and standardization bodies to bridge the gap between technology, policy and market.
  • Stimulating the public debate on social media and our energy blog where experts share and comment their thoughts with peers.

Leonardo ENERGY is managed by the European Copper Institute in close cooperation with its partners. It was established from a growing understanding that copper is essential in achieving energy sustainability. Its high electrical conductivity is a favourable attribute for the construction of renewable energy systems and the manufacture of energy efficient equipment.

Now the CDAA is bringing that same knowledge base to its members in Africa.

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