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Introduction to Solar PV

CDAA Solar PV workshop.

With the growing interest of PV installation in SA, the CDAA has sponsored a number of solar related workshops where an awareness was created around various aspects of these types of installations. These one day workshops covered topics such as volt-drop; the effect of temperature on copper conductors, earthing of PV systems, safety and a variety of other topics. For a full list of topics click the link provided below….

Introduction to solar pv…..

August 2014, 5th

CDAA Solar PV workshop, Wadeville, Germiston.

What some of the attendees had to say:

Willie “The whole presentation was excellent thanks”

Raydon “Concise and to the point, excellent thanks”

Charles “The basics were covered very well and it was clear that the content had been properly researched. Thank you CDAA”