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International Projects

Leonardo Power Quality

Leonardo ENERGY is an initiative managed by the European Copper Institute, dedicated to building information centres to serve designers, engineers, contractors, architects, general managers, regulators, journalists, teachers and students, who are professionally or otherwise involved with electrical energy.

Through various projects, including the award-winning Leonardo Power Quality Initiative, over 150 partners from leading academia and industry are involved with Leonardo ENERGY.

Frequently asked questions about standby generators

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Leonardo Power Quality Initiative (LPQI)

The Leonardo Power Quality Initiative offers the electrical sector a vast information sharing and knowledge base service.

Created in 2001, LPQI has grown into a partnership community of 100 authorities in the field of power quality. They range from academic and polytechnic institutions to engineering companies. LPQI aims to provide end-users and business decision makers with facts and best practices to improve power quality in the non-residential sector and to raise awareness among policy makers. LPQI European education programme reaches 100 000 professionals each year.

Now the CDAA is bringing that same knowledge base to its members in Africa. New items from LPQI will be featured here.

EU poor power quality, an economic impact of €150bn (video)

Jonathan Manson presents the results of a survey conducted by the European Copper Institute (ECI) into the consequences for EU industry of poor power quality. These add up to €150bn annually, are mainly experienced by industry and caused by power interruptions (dips, surges, transients and short interruptions). Call for action is made to use of the significant and disturbing conclusions drawn from the analysis that has been carried out.

Local Projects

SAFEhouse Initiative

SAFEhouse brings you important safety information; click here to view the document.